160A 4 Pole Automatic Transfer Switch ATS
160A 4 Pole Automatic Transfer Switch ATS

160A 4 Pole Automatic Transfer Switch ATS

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    160A 4 Pole Automatic Transfer Switch ATS
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Basic Info.

1.Two in One out, easier and more convenient wiring.
2. 3.5cm wide installation guide rail installation, worry-free to use.
3. When switching two power supplies, if automatic switching is not required under special circumstances, it can also be set to manual switching
4. High ability to break short-circuit current and short arcing distance. Detailed analysis of product panel is more convenient to use.
5. In case of power failure, switch the power consumption mode rapidly and enable the standby power supply. Switch to the main power supply after an incoming call.
Model NO.UVQ1-160A/4Output type 
Max. VoltageAC 230VPole 
Rated Frequency50HzTransport PackageTrademark 
Specification10A, 16A, 20A, 25A, 32A, 40A, 50A, 63A, 100A  

Product Description
UVQ1-160A/4 160A 4p Fire Control Terminal ATS Micro Switch Generator Automatic Transfer Switch

Product Description


Rated Working current (A) le10A-100A125A-200A225A-300A400A-630A
Rated Working voltage (V) Ue400V 50Hz
Rated Insulation voltage (V) UiAC 500VAC 800V
Electrical GradePC Class
Use categeoryAC-33B
Operating ModeAutomatic/Manual

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