Generator Control Panel DSE7210
Generator Control Panel DSE7210

Generator Control Panel DSE7210

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    Generator Control Panel DSE7210
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Generator Control Panel DSE7210
  • Model: DSE7210
  • Origin: China
  • In stock: yes
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Product description: Intelligent Controller DSE7210 Generator Control ATS Module can completely replace with it. It has the function of auto mains (utility) failure control modules monitor incoming mains (utility) supplie
Generator Control Panel DSE7210 The DSE7210 is Control Module for single gen-set applications. The Generator Controller incorporates a number of advanced features to meet the most demanding on-site applications. The DSE7210 is an automatic start generator control module and has been designed to start and stop diesel and gas generating sets that include electronic and non-electronic engines.

The generator controller is simple to operate and features a user-friendly menu layout for improved clarity. Enhance features include a real time clock for improved event and performance monitoring, the ability to display any language on screen and a 132*64 pixel LCD display.

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