6110 Auto Start Controller MPU
6110 Auto Start Controller MPU

6110 Auto Start Controller MPU

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    6110 Auto Start Controller MPU
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6110 Auto Start Controller MPU
  • Model Number: DSE6110
  • Place of Origin: China
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • In stock: yes
  • Product description: Intelligent Automatic generator controller DSE6110 can completely replace with it.� It has the function of auto mains (utility) failure control modules monitor incoming mains (utility) supplies and in

Intelligent Automatic Generator Controller  DSE6110 can completely replace with it.  It has the function of auto mains (utility) failure Control Modules monitor incoming mains (utility) supplies and instruct gen-sets to start when mains (utility) power is not available. All modules include a range of intelligent control, monitoring and protection features for standard and electronic engine gen-set applications. 

Key features

� Back-lit text LCD display

� Front panel editing

� LED and LCD alarm indication

� Power Save mode

� CAN and Magnetic Pick-up/Alt. versions available (specify on ordering)

� PC and front panel configuration

� 6 Digital inputs

� 3 Analogue inputs

� 6 Outputs (4 configurable on Magnetic Pick-up/Alt., 6 configurable on CAN version)

� Configurable timers and alarms

� Alternative configuration

� Event Log (10)

� Remote Start input

� 3 Phase generator monitoring

� Current Monitoring and protection

� Battery voltage monitoring

� Engine pre-heat

� Hours counter

� Comprehensive shutdown or warning on fault condition


Intelligent Automatic generator controller  DSE6110 


Controll Funtion

Protection Funtion

Data display

Auto-test Commercial power

Low-Lubrition Oil

Battery Voltage

Emergence Stop

Charging failure

Oil pressure

Manual Start/STOP

Over Voltage,Over load

Operation Time

Long-Distance Start/Stop

High water temperature


Auto quit of Start motor

Over frequency


Double power swicth transfer controll

Low Frequency



Stop Failure

Water Temperature


Start Failure



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