How To Choose The Right Generator Transfer Switch
How To Choose The Right Generator Transfer Switch

How To Choose The Right Generator Transfer Switch

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    How To Choose The Right Generator Transfer Switch
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What is a generator transfer switch?

In the event of a power outage or emergency, standby diesel generators can keep your business with a stable and continuous power supply, however, without a generator transfer switch, generators are difficult and often dangerous to use. Diesel generator transfer switches allow generators to automatically or manually transfer power from the grid to diesel generators in the event of a power outage.

Fixed standby diesel generators are usually fitted with an automatic transfer switch (ATS), but some mobile or portable diesel generators require a separate manual transfer switch. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Although the automatic transfer switch is more expensive, it is more convenient for businesses because it works automatically and is installed along with the generator itself. Manual transfer switch is cheaper, but it requires manual operation to open and close during a power outage, which is more cumbersome to operate.

Whether you configure an automatic or manual generator transfer switch, there are many factors to consider before purchasing, from the type of generator you have to the size of the transfer switch. Before buying a generator or transfer switch, you also need to understand the power needs of your business. Yes, we can match the most suitable diesel generator set for you according to your power needs and budget.

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

The advantage of stationary standby diesel generators is that they can provide a more stable and lasting power supply for enterprises. In addition, they come with an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) that automatically transfers power from the grid to a diesel generator. You don't have to worry about installing a transfer switch or turning it on manually during every power outage. For many businesses, this convenience and peace of mind is worth it.

Automatic backup diesel generator transfer switches continuously monitor the input current from the grid. When it detects that the current is interrupted, it immediately sends a start signal to the generator. Once the generator is ready to supply power, the transfer switch cuts the power grid in the home and connects the generator to the electrical circuitry in the home, and the whole process takes only a few seconds.

When the transfer switch senses that the current returns to normal voltage, it converts the electrical load back to the public grid line, cutting off the power to the generator. The generator continues to run at a slower speed for a few minutes to cool the engine. Once the next power outage, the transfer switch will be ready to switch the power back to the generator. This process ensures that the business maintains a continuous power supply regardless of a grid outage.


The best way to determine the ideal power of a transfer switch is to match it to the generator load. To do this, you should match the largest socket on the generator. For example, if your generator's maximum outlet is 30 amps, you should buy a 30 amp transfer switch to get a full power load.

Even if you correctly match the size of the transfer switch to the size of the generator, you should be careful not to overload the system by providing too much power at once. Some power meters include a built-in power meter that keeps track of which devices are being powered. This helps you prevent overloading the system and accidental damage to generators and appliances.

Select the correct generator transfer switch

Even after determining whether you need a manual or automatic transfer switch and finding the right power, there are many other factors to consider. For example, a transfer switch can be single-circuit, dual-circuit, or multi-circuit. Larger generators and higher power usage mean you may need multiple circuits.

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